Honeymoon Getaway: Rose Cottage

As promised…we are commencing our honeymoon write-up review of all of the fabulous places we stayed after the wedding. First up… Rose Cottage. Words are not enough to explain Rose Cottage.  Sure, it’s just another Devon holiday cottage from the outside, in a pretty chocolate box village with it’s thatched roof,  

Romantic Getaway: Peninnis Luxury Camping

Ever thought about going to the Isles of Scilly?  It is absolutely stunning there – you could be in the Caribbean but with the local feel of the South West. We love the IOS and especially pretty Peninnis.  Peninnis is a 50 acre farm on St Mary’s in the Isles of Scilly where a fantastic new range of luxury camping holidays has been developed.  

Recommended: Buy Our Honeymoon

We just had to review this fab service when we came across it.  Buy Our Honeymoon is a clever idea where guests can donate to your dream honeymoon as a wedding gift.    

I’m back!


I’m back from the honeymoon of a lifetime – don’t worry, full details to follow when I get a chance to write them up :) Very happy to be back home, bronzed and ready to go.  

Our Vintage Glamour Wedding: the Flowers

Now I have to be honest…we’re not really ‘flower’ people.  Sure, I like receiving flowers as much as the next person but for the wedding we knew that we didn’t want flowers on the tables or anything like that, it was all about the candles.  

4 Weeks To Go…

Happy Monday everyone!  It’s Cornwall Business Week this week so in Cornwall it’s a real hub of activity, lots of hobnobbing, drinking champagne and coffee (not together!)  

Our Vintage Glamour Wedding: The Accessories

I am an accessories girl through and through – I’m a real magpie and love a bit of glitz and glamour.  When I set out looking for accessories I knew I wanted old school Hollywood glamour,  

First Musing in My Thirties!

Wow, this is my first Monday Musing in my thirties!  I’ve had weeks of fun: just laughing and celebrating with the people that I love. I had a wonderful birthday last weekend – it started with cocktails  

Our Vintage Glamour Wedding: The Shoes

I knew a few things when it came to planning our wedding…. I knew it would be Winter, I knew it would be glamorous, I knew we would eat the best food possible and I knew I would wear fabulous shoes! Without knowing my dress, my bridesmaid colours or even my venue,  

My Last Musing in My Twenties…

Mr C’s birthday was wonderful, I got him a lovely card – ok so I didn’t exactly buy it….or have time to go card shopping but how many people can say they received a card with a photo of them on the front? Surely that is as personal as it gets?!